“Meet “Solon” via his fascinating creation “Inside Out”. A unique mix of Trance melodies from another dimension is waiting you to press the play button and start a trip to the stars. Emotional singing and crystal sound patterns from a realy talented artist.”

SOLON is the new kid in town. He just started producing a couple of months ago and within a short time he has releases confirmed under different aliases on several a-list labels.

He chooses to hide behind his modest hoody in order to direct all the attention to his music, where he expresses emotions and feelings that enable enjoying the present moment.

He started taking classical piano lessons as a young child and developed his love for music while listening to radio programs every night before bed.

Being influenced by techno and house pioneers, he decided to add a melodic touch to strong bass lines.

His tracks are powerful and inventive and have a unique capacity to fuel both intimate dance floors and big clubs with energy and drive.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 2, 2021

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