“Home. What amazing and special associations this short but so important word for each of us evokes. Let go of your thoughts from your daily routine and travel with Specific Coast and its meaningful creation - Home.”

“Дом. Какие удивительные и особые ассоциации вызывает это короткое, но такое важное для каждого из нас слово. Отпустите свои мысли от повседневных дел и отправляйтесь в путешествие вместе с Specific Coast и его многозначительным творением - Home.”

“Home” is the latest single from Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Specific Coast. Originally a voice memo sent to his long distance girlfriend, ”Home” is featured twice in the penultimate episode of the Netflix Original series Ginny and Georgia, premiering February 24th.

Specific Coast is singer-songwriter, Matt Dunne. A veteran of the music industry, Dunne has held positions in concert promotion, artist management, music publishing, and label management. After multiple peers in the industry had come to him for guidance, Dunne created Cactus Coast, a community where artists, songwriters, mixers, and producers could help each other achieve their goals. Dunne began hosting backyard concerts at his home in Silver Lake, providing a unique, intimate setting for artists like Royal & the Serpent to perform. Dunne used this safe space to test out new material for his own project, Specific Coast. Eventually the house shows turned into networking events, which turned into writing sessions, which turned into songs, which turned into several placements in a Netflix series. After years of helping others transform their dreams into realities, Specific Coast returns with his highly anticipated single “Home.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 1, 2021

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