“Cool and loose-limbed piece of art, ideal for your ears. Do you need to isolate from the daily madness? Just pick up your headphones and adjust the volume level. Concentrate on the slow beat and let the singer’s charming voice lift you in the clouds.”

Stayhomie presents a music video for his single “I Can Do It For You”. Its footage was shot by photographer Luis Quintero at the mass of a religious community in Panama. These visually powerful video clips inspired Max Kubbe (a.k.a. Stayhomie) to put them together to make one whole story with a stunning climax.

Single “I Can Do It For You” is taken from the debut album “Random Heartbreaking Memories vol. 1”. Album features several vocalists from different parts of the world: Grisly Faye, Bark Bark Disco, Snezhik, Neon Lights, Bew Nalance.

Stayhomie: “There are two selves inside of me. One of them looks toward melancholic experimental sound, the other one infinitely loves aesthetics of the 90’s, ultramelodism and sentimental pop-phrasing. You can find both of them on this album”.

Stayhomie is an electronic producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Ultramelodism, patchwork of voice samples, vintage synthesizers and Roland 808.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 19, 2021

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