“The sound of a mechanical piano can be compared to the breathing of a person, and the vibration of string as the heartbeat. -Sun Rain- made his composition -Moonwalk- with warm layers of ambience, music that sounds alive! ”

“Звук механического пиано можно сравнить с дыханием человека, а вибрацию его струн за сердцебиение. -Sun Rain- разбавил свою композицию -Moonwalk- тёплыми слоями эмбиента, тем самым сделал её практический живой.”

This song is inspired by an astronauts trip to space. It opens with a slow rise that signifies the anticipation before take off and grows into a wall of sound catapulting the listener gently through the earths atmosphere and into the weightlessness of space. The song is atmospheric and calming with gentle piano at its forefront. 'Moonwalk' is the lead single from the upcoming EP entitled 'Ma'.

Based in Toronto, Ontario the music of Sun Rain is an opportunity for composer/producer Chad Skinner to explore the sounds of modern classical, ambient, and downtempo. The main focus for this project is to create thoughtful music conducive to feelings of contemplative stillness for the calmer moments that life has to offer.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 11, 2021

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