Edge of The Univers from Suzy Callahan is an acoustic guitar song with bright and warm vocals delivering a sunshine postive outlook through its wonderful sound clarity as production.

Feel like we're the same
blood lines the veins
the stems and the grains
Growing in the field
It's something that's real
See the appeal
Searching ...

So I'm
Going on a Journey to the
Edge of the universe
Or whatever comes first

I'm going on a Journey to the
Edge of the universe
Or whatever comes first

Or whatever comes first
No need to rehearse
Or write a new verse

Hummingbirds they hum their sound
Butterflies will fly around

Its' goes like that

We're closer than you know
the distance the flow
of oceans below
ground and up to space
Regrets we will face
Dreams we won't chase
hoping ...

That's why I'm
Going on a Journey to the
Edge of the universe
Or whatever comes first
Or whatever comes first

Few words about:
Suzy Callahan is an American singer-songwriter from Bethesda, Maryland who writes intimate, modern folk songs. Her soundscape incorporates psychedelia, country and indie pop. Her wry lyrics are delivered with a thick and creamy, dulce de leche voice that sounds both classic and new.

Raised partly in Yorkshire, England, Callahan performed in pubs at age 16 doing mostly Linda Ronstadt covers. After moving back to the states she spent her formative years in roots-infused bar bands before meeting her husband and collaborator Scott Tyburski. Sharing a love for “minimalistic psychedelic folk” they formed Devils Wielding Scimitars, released 3 critically-acclaimed albums, then disbanded in 1997 to raise two children.

In 2005 they returned under Suzy’s moniker with a more economical, chamber pop approach. Their debut landed on Eric Lawrence’s “best of 2005 KCRW” playlist. NPR described their 2nd album as “thick and atmospheric” with “rich and sensual songs” and recent tracks appeared on TLC’s Breaking Amish.

Her latest album Not Exactly Sad can be conceived as an awakening following the loss of her mother, and the grieving that takes you back from the edge of the universe. Mixed by Floyd Reitsma whose credits include Courtney Marie Andrews, it trades auto-tuned perfection for chemistry that can only come from decades of intimate collaboration. The result is 9 organically crafted songs, often sparse and stripped back, but full of soaring melody and heartfelt emotion.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
July 30, 2020

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