“-Turkey Bacon- is composed with concept and integrity. Interesting ideas and sound transitions. The artist is experimenting with a set of bold decisions and hip-hop mood.”

“Цельность и концептуальности. Именно так можно охарактеризовать -Turkey Bacon-. Пакет интересные идей, музыкальных переходов, экспериментов, набор смелых решений и настроение хип-хоп ритмики.”


Florida rapper, TaReef KnockOut drops off his brand new EP, Eggs for Breakfast released worldwide on May 21st, 2021. Turkey Bacon is the opening track packed with clever lyricism and good vibes to set the tone for the Tallahassee emcee 4 track EP. Eggs for Breakfast is TaReef’s best work yet as he’s focused and hungry for more.