The Aquaerials – Nightmare for the Bold

The Aquaerials – Nightmare for the Bold (Spotify)

Nightmare for the Bold is a haunting, atmospheric, Neoclassical piano piece inspired by the 1959 Anti-Drinking and Driving film of the same name. As an instrumental piece, it's open to interpretation, but ultimately, it's about loss and regret. The Aquaerials is Mark Swanson, an instrumental musician who writes, produces and self-releases records from his basement in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His minimalist songs combine elements of folk, post-rock, neoclassical and electronic music. The Aquaerials sound is largely piano-based, backed by mellow instrumentation, rhythmic and melodic piano, orchestral strings, synthesizer and rock beats.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 31, 2020

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