“LSignal Fire and The Ellameno Beat wrote the single "False Reality", in which they expressed their passion for reggae, demonstrating and venturing their free thoughts into a multifaceted and colorful text.”

“LSignal Fire и The Ellameno Beat написали совместный сингл False Reality, в котором они отразили всю свою страсть к reggae, демонстрируя и выражая свободу мысли в многозначительном и колоритном тексте.”

“False Reality” tackles the disruption of political and societal progress caused by the combination of absurd conspiracy theories, op-eds-as-news, and selective framing from authority figures. The events of January 6th served as the catalyst to speak out and take action. FULL PRESS RELEASE:

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 17, 2021

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