“It is these intimate songs that remain with us forever. Like from -The Replicants- and their new melodic single -Breakaway-. Rhythmic guitar chords, lyrical themes with rich, emotional coloration vocals.”

“Именно такие задушевные песни остаются с нами навсегда. -The Replicants- и его мелодичный сингл -Breakaway-. Ритмичные гитарные аккорды, лирическая тематика и насыщенный, с эмоциональным окрасом вокал.”

We like composing and playing music that we are really passionate about. Unfortunately, this is probably not going to get us out of our mother’s basement. Actually, it’s not that bad down here...

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 3, 2021

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