“The variety of songs -the tortoise the hare and the millionaire - embodies the entire depth of their talent, since each composition is unique and fully reveals the Blues genre in which this composition is performed. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Разнообразие песен -The Tortoise The Hare and The Millionaire- воплощает всю глубину их таланта, так как каждая композиция уникальна и полностью раскрывает жанр Blues, в которой исполнена эта композиция.”


“People walking by all telling me they know why / Got me spinning around feeling like some other guy / I know which way to go at the crossroads”

“Who’s to say what’s right or wrong about the choices we make in life,” said The Tortoise The Hare and The Millionaire’s Matt Carr. “When we come to a crossroads, we choose the path that’s good for us and reflects who we are at that time. This song is about knowing we're making the right choices in the moment, and realizing we don’t have to agree with someone else’s path, because that’s what works for them.”

A sweeping roots rock number with blues inflections, “At The Crossroads” hails from The Tortoise The Hare and The Millionaire’s new album, Yard Sale (out 06/03).

“Yard Sale is an anthology of stories and sounds,” said Carr. “With inspirations as varied as the members who make up the band, blues, rock, and funk are all represented. Each song tells a story - even the instrumentals - of either something that’s happened in our lives or things that we feel are relevant to all. Yard Sale also pays homage to some of our favorite artists, with nods to the likes of Dicky Betts and the JBs among others.”

Whereas “At The Crossroads” works to make sense of a difficult world, Yard Sale also finds the band at peace on songs like opener, “I Know,” with Carr remarking:

“From the first time that it got through / I did what I could to stand next to you.”

“The seeds of ‘I Know’ were planted while I was playing the head riff across from my wife in the summer of 2020,” said Carr. “She looked up, bobbing her head, and said ‘I like that!’ This is a love song about the one who you would do anything for.”

Recorded and mixed by Dylan Ward at Fredericton’s Shiftwork Studio,Yard Sale was produced by friend and fellow Frederictonian Greg Webber (Kill Chicago).

“We were fortunate to have Greg on board to help bring these ideas to life and push us out of our comfort zone,” Carr said. “The resulting tracks are some of our favorites. It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining so turn up the tunes and get to a yard sale!”