“If you have an eternal lack of energy, then this POP Punk from -The Wildfires Projekt is able to charge your empty batteries to the full! Clockwork rhythm and crazy energy able to speed up serotonin production in your body!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если у вас вечная нехватка энергии, то этот Pop Punk от -The Wildfires Projekt- способен зарядить ваши пустые батареи на полную! Заводной ритм и сумасшедшая энергетика способные ускорить выработку серотонина в вашем организме!”


Serotonin is a song about someone giving up their former, selfish life because they’ve finally found the one person that they truly want to be with. Throughout the song they are acknowledging their flaws, and embellishing on the other’s perfection. It’s an intimate, lighthearted song with catchy melodies, surprisingly heavy guitar breaks, and a relatable storyline.