“- There you will be free, - Thomas Lemmer tells us, and we take his word for it, going with him to conquer his winged, endless worlds.Beauiful emotional ambient chill song released on Sine Music imprint.”

“- Там ты будешь свободен, - говорит нам Thomas Lemmer и мы верим ему на слово, отправляясь вместе с ним покорять его крылатые, бескрайние миры.”

The single “There you’ll be free” from the upcoming album “Ambient Nights” by Thomas Lemmer it out now!

Artfully arranged and with an extraordinary sound design Thomas Lemmer creates an atmosphere for dreaming and relaxing.

Just like his forthcoming album “Ambient Nights”, the track offers a place of retreat for all who are willing to get involved.

Take some time for yourself, close your eyes, and come along on the journey

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 20, 2020

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