“The slightly detuned piano sections give this track a real sense of nostalgia, a sense of yearning. One of those songs where the main theme will stick in your mind for days. A gentle tug at your heart strings, a trip down memory lane, haunting memories of a place & people you loved. The tune successfully invokes all of these feelings & more.”


Tibe D’Oro is the place of desire the Viennese Duo, Fabian Sialia and Leonard Cuscoleca, creates the sound for. In their music and composition process, they try to create a world as they feel it could or ought to be. The compositions draw from recordings from an artist mansion in North London that became a shrine for the local music scene. Singer-songwriter Amy Yon (vocals), and trumpeters Ludwig Ascher (Drahthaus) and Johnny Woodham (Alfa Mist), play with utmost freedom to a singular tempo and tune. A treasure trove of recordings allowing endless assembling emerged. The result are the three pieces X+X=1 closely interlinked through repeating and transforming elements.

Together with the work of the Vienesse Painter, Philip Mueller (Artwork, Vision of Tobe D’Oro), the compositions merge with the painter's image world depicting scenes from Tibe D’Oro.

Released on Fox Lane Music 2020