“-Nightfall- allocated pleasant tinge of jazz, which was created by skilful hands of -Tim Hüllstrung and bright ideas of -Bob Mintzer-. Episodic vocal characteristic of jazz and improvisation, complement each other delivering maximum fresh sound in the mix.”

“-Nightfall- выделяется приятным оттенком джаза, которая создана искусной рукой -Tim Hüllstrung и светлым разумом -Bob Mintzer-. Эпизодический вокал и свойственная джазу импровизация, дополняют друг друга и максимально свежо звучат в общем миксе.”


Tim Hüllstrung, a promising young singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Switzerland, takes an authentic and highly idiosyncratic approach to his music. Showing great musical diversity and maturity, he nevertheless acknowledges his roots in blues and rock, as well as his passion for jazz. Tim's voice, soft, yet raw reaches out to the heart of the listener. Reflecting on his own experiences, and perceptions of the world, his songs tell stories, both personal and universal, that strike a chord in all who listen. His versatile guitar playing creates a colorful musical soundscape that underlines his songwriting with a creative blend of musical styles.

His first recording, Bird of Passage, which superbly showcases Tim's versatile playing and sensitive, authentic style, was supported by fellow musicians such as Paul Amrod, Simon Oslender and some of Tim's idols, such as Grammy Award winners Bob Mintzer and Ruslan Sirota, Jimmy Haslip and Gary Novak, who are featured on Nightfalll.