“Light song that focuses on the great power of love in these difficult times. The love you may get from every person who cares, gives countless hope and courage to overcome every obstacle in life. Timebelle offers valuable support with the help of her music talent.”

Recording songs in the bedroom, that’s the way Corona made us create new music.

Timebelle’s latest release is a versatile track because it combines the vibe of a ballad with a cool, groovy beat and a strong bass, a top line that takes you into some Spanish old movie, and the cherry on the top – the saxophone that really transforms this track into a deep, emotional, love song.

No Se Puede is written by Timebelle in collaboration with Switzerland-based Chilean singer/songwriter Alejandro Reyes and Romanian producer Andy Platon. Reyes has contributed to the lyrics part, helping in creating the right Latin atmosphere with his inspiration and native linguistic aptitudes. The track was produced in Bucharest by talented Andy who is also an old collaborator of the group, putting his personal touch into it.

Corona times pushes artists into being very creative, meaning the song was recorded in the bedroom which isn’t just a room where you can sleep, but also the room where you create and record your music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 3, 2021

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