“-Your Name is a Song- is a healing breath of our beloved neoclassical ambient. Sensual piano sounds, echoes of emotions awakening in the chest. Vintage sound of strings with complete harmony and unity.”

“-Your Name is a Song- это целительный глоток любимого нами неоклассического эмбиена. Чувственные звуки фортепиано, пробуждающееся в груди эхо эмоций. Винтажный звук струн и полная гармония и единение.”

Artist shared with us few words about the inspiration of this song:

"This is a song I wrote for my son, Jude, on his second birthday. It's meant to be an encouragement for him as he grows up in a world that is less predictable every day." - ÜUCE

About ÜUCE:

Born in New Jersey, USA, musician Scott West started performing music at a young age with the support of his family and peers. With multiple projects, including Of Oceans, under his belt, Scott felt it was the time to move in a new direction and begin his work on ÜUCE, a neo-classical, ambient project.

Enjoy relaxing and reflective songs with various influences such as world, psydub, trance, etc.

Relying heavily on felt piano sounds, synths, and percussion, this new endeavor from Scott West is honest and thoughtful.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 25, 2021

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