“-Vicki lovelee- has a talent to present their emotions in the sounds available to the whole language, saturating our souls with a tide of internal forces, and blood with pure oxygen. Take more air and plunge your head into this beautiful composition!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Vicki Lovelee- обладает талантом преподносить свои эмоции на доступном всем языке звуков, насыщая наши души приливом внутренних сил, а кровь чистым кислородов. Наберите по больше воздуха и погрузитесь с головой в эту прекрасную композицию!”


“On Your Knees“ is an alternative pop song with rhythmic grooves in the verses and fun, dance melodies in the chorus. This song is about someone who doesn’t deserve you but the head and heart is having a hard time agreeing on whether or not to leave this person.