Starting with a gentle piano progression, before a swelling-evolution into a hybrid of electronics and acoustics, rising towards a crescendo, this beauty neoclassical influenced theme will unfold your best emotions and release them out, while been nostalgic in harmonic delivery succeed to reset you in a positive outlook for what it comes from now on.

Few words about Waiting Space:
‘Waiting Space’ is an audio & visual project – and the alias of Irish musician and creator, Chris Falconer.

Through a D.I.Y. process that is enabled by contemporary technology, as ‘Waiting Space’, he creates self-recorded/self-produced songs – characterised by dynamic vocals and cinematic instrumentals – typically blending programmed-electronics & live-instrumentation. Each piece of musical-output is then ‘complemented’ by visuals which Falconer independently creates in response – including artwork, animations, and short films.

‘Waiting Space’ began in 2013, as a side project for Falconer – who is also the vocalist of the Irish indietronica band, Ghetto Amaretto. The project was initially a platform for musical ideas that ‘did not fit’ Ghetto’s catalogue – but when that project subsequently went on an extended hiatus, Waiting Space became an equal-focus for Falconer. The project also fit a mid-20s change-in-circumstances, as he found himself increasingly confined to recording in domestic settings, and with a reduced, irregular schedule in which to create music (as his artistic-output was forced to compete with his full-time architecture-industry occupation).

The project became a catalyst for Falconer to learn more about the technical aspects of music-making, recording & producing (elements he had been relatively sheltered from in previous projects as a solely a vocalist) as well as learning news skills in video-production, to create the ‘appropriate’ visuals to match these sounds & words.’

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
July 3, 2020

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