“Wallners group consisting of four brothers and sisters represent their third single, which is not always melancholy and despondency determine the depressive mood. All Again with the warmth draws multicolored patterns on the icy window, and strings and piano bonfires Wallners magical world of sound.”

“Группа Wallners состоящая из четырёх братьев и сестёр представляют свой третий сингл, в котором далеко не всегда тоска и уныние определяют депрессивное настроение. All Again с теплотой рисует разноцветные узоры на заледеневшем окне, а струнные и пиано разжигают костры волшебного мира звука Wallners.”

With their debut single “in my mind” and the follow-up “Ships”, the Viennese family affair Wallners promptly landed two impressive streaming successes. Along with features in various Tastemaker playlists, they were added to the Spotify Viral 50 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and far beyond Europe. Wallners are already considered as one of the most exciting Austrian newcomer bands. This successful start to their young career is now followed by their first EP “Prolog I” including the focus single “All Again”, which will be released on February 19, 2021. The talented sibling quartet is one of the most exciting neo-pop names in the German-speaking territory right now.

The newcomers Wallners – four young siblings from Vienna – feel comfortable while dreaming and playing with thoughts. The story of Nino (20), Max (23) and the twins Anna and Laurenz (25) almost sounds like a dream itself: After years of tinkering in the living room, they sent demos to various labels without any great expectations. Never ever would they have imagined that they would land straight at Universal Music. But you can hear why: The quartet’s debut single compares to a gaze into an enchanted kaleidoscope, presenting itselfas an unmistakable and highly polished sound. Wallners’ hypnotic dream pop will take theirlisteners on an exciting journey somewhere between illusion and reality.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 1, 2021

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