“When guitars meet ambient design, filled with lush reverbs, atmospheric soundscapes and warm keys, you have this wonderful ambient theme to daydream and laid back.”

This is the first single of an EP entitled "When Skies Meet Shores" featuring the artwork of Memphis based artist Cat Lenke who was inspired by "We Dream Of Eden" previous releases to start working with water colors in the early mornings. The song is a lament mixed with hope about the present state we find ourselves in. When the fires are raging... we can pray for rain. When the rain does comes it brings healing to the land, and life to all.

Few words about We Dream Of Eden
From the imagination of composer & producer Kirk Smith comes a project to make minimal yet uplifting ambient music. Combinations of the organic and imperfect sounds of real life blend with the precision and playfulness of modern technology. Collaborations with friends from time to time form a collective of creatives seeking peace in a crazy beautiful world. This music creates a place to think, a place to breathe, a place to dream.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 29, 2020

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