“When you're about to listen a new release, you usually don't expect an ordinary sound. "New Transitions" is exactly what you want. Made for all the House maniacs, it also carries some cool taste of spiritual relaxation!”

Spring is here and we are happy to present to you a new EP courtesy from Yöurr, producer and DJ based in Hungary, with two original tracks: "New Transitions" and "Broken Barriers". And that's not all, in this pack we also included a remix of French duo Pandhora for "New Transitions" that is intended to fill our spirits with energy.

The first track "New Transitions" is a sound progression that brings us closer. it's an intimate, deep and spatial state of fulfilment. A sound experience full of emotions, dreamlike sensations and euphoria.

"Broken Barriers", the second track, has the magical characteristic of taking us to a universe of colours far from the isolation caused by the pandemic. This track materializes the energy we need to return to the dancefloor; turning percussions and synthesizers into the desire to feel free through dance again.

The last track is a solid reshape by Pandhora for "New Transitions". It's loaded with elements that make us travel to the best memories we have. It's an invitation to put our eyes on the future.

We have missed the magical ritual of dancing surrounded by people but the dreamy breakdown of this piece is the perfect spell to fill that void.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 21, 2021

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