About Nagamag International Music Magazine

About Nagamag

Nagamag launched with initial focus on music genres such as Neoclassical, Ambient, Chillout, Indie Electronic, Synthwave, Instrumental Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Lounge, Instrumental, Downtempo, Psychill, Drone, Electronic, Vaporwave, Experimental, Singer, Songwriter, Cinematic, Piano, Indie, Lofi, Electro Pop, Synth Pop, EDM, New Age, Funk and plans to be expanded in the near future, as good music has no borders!

Main Nagamag’s purpose is to boost extraordinary music that is yet to be discovered by listeners that are still wandering about its existence. Nagamag carefully selects and reviews beautiful and quality music in order to deliver it to more audiences while supporting and encouraging its songwriters/ music composers/ music artists to bring more fine tunes to people!

Each music video and music song is free to be listened using the provided third party services (e.g. play music through Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp players) as it is provided by these services.

Nagamag has a clear focus on promoting and sharing music in various genres, ranging from neoclassical to ambient, chillout, indie electronic, and many others. By selecting and reviewing quality music, Nagamag aims to introduce listeners to extraordinary tunes that they might not have discovered otherwise.

Nagamag’s approach involves utilizing third-party services such as YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp to provide free access to music videos and songs. This allows users to listen to the music through their preferred platforms while supporting the artists and encouraging them to create more wonderful music.

By embracing diverse genres and continually seeking to expand their offerings, Nagamag is fostering a space where music knows no boundaries.

Random Picks all over Nagamag

   Music tracks may get old but they never become history… Here you will find some random posts about music that have been published on Nagamag music magazine. This section is dedicated to everything that has been posted on Nagamag, as older music reports matter as much as the fresh ones!