Found – Cygnus

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“Get ready for an ecstatic trip to the stars with the mind-blowing track of "Found". Emotional vocals, fast rhythm and complex synth layers in pure Trance mood. Sound from a higher dimension, that will change the way you realise music.”

Cygnus is about being connected to and following a higher power no matter the season. Even through darkness or uneasy times, the connection remains and the path is travelled. As the vocal repeats "You I will follow, as far as the Cygnus constellation" the protagonist will follow as far as the deepest parts of space - knowing that's the best path to follow.

Farius, Sue McLaren – Love Is Love (Spotify)

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“The Progressive master "Farius" drops another gem in the scene of Trance. The track begins with a smooth intro and continues with strong atmospheric patterns, which gradually build up with unique balance. On top of all stands the etherial voice of Sue McLaren. Get ready to live the ultimate euphoric experience with "Love is Love"!”

Following on from his Debut guest mix on A State Of Trance and huge DSP support across the board, Progressive Trance DJ Farius shows no signs of slowing down with his scintillating new track 'Love Is Love' with Sue McLaren as part of his 'Diversify' EP.

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