Sinova, 08 Pulse – This Wave (Spotify)

“Pure magic, with harmonic vibrations that lift up the soul. A gentle sound touch for every kind of listener. Discover the great affection of catchy electronic melodies which flow in the air and wake up our senses. True music from real artists.”

This Wave was inspired by an ocean sample that's anchored deep beneath the mix. The track features a hypnotic, warm, and driving arp that encompasses the overall theme. It features crisp percussion and a lush full low end. The breakdown features a hauntingly optimistic piano melody complimented by vocals that ebb and flow throughout the track.

08 Pulse – Ozone (Spotify)

“Let the colourful Progressive patterns lift you up in the sky and experience a higher dimension in music. A fabulus release from 08 Pulse full of unique elements that will keep playing in your mind, vibrating your inner self.”

Niclas Lundqvist aka 08 Pulse is a Swedish producer based in Stockholm. He's passionate about all electronic music making his work sophisticated, mixing electronic sounds ranging from Ambient, Electronic, Progressive, House and Trance creating beautiful melodies and harmonies. The 08 Pulse journey started late 2020 so stay tuned for many more original releases in 2021!

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