Addis Pablo, Baroni One Time, Daddy Mory – Tranquille (Spotify)

“An intoxicating blend of French flavoured deep roots reggae and South American hip hop reggae, skilfully mixed to create a vibrant yet ‘Tranquille’ infectious modern vibe that has a joyful, warm texture and affords the listener an experience full of character with a cosmopolitan flavour.

Accompanied by Baroni One Time, the French reggae icon joins forces with the Venezuelan hip hop reggae star on a hymn to independence in the form of an ego trip. With an instrumental produced by a reference in European producers, Hemp Higher Empire, who invited Assis Pablo to the Melodica. Augutus' son Pablo brought a deep roots touch to this solid modern reggae production. After the success of these last solos, Daddy Mory returns in combination, still in the framework of his next EP, Krtitk.