Anna Aarons – A Perfect Day (Spotify)

“The song -a Perfect Day- does everything, that even a minute of former melancholy and doubt goes into oblivion. It brings a lyrical mood. It is very unusual to hear female vocals in Reggae, but a spontaneous smile appears on the face and the mood instantly goes into a plus!”

“Песня -A Perfect Day- делает всё, чтобы даже минута прежней меланхолии и сомнений ушла в небытие и вырисовывалось лирическое настроение. Очень необычно слышать женский вокал в жанре reggae, от чего улыбка самопроизвольно появляется на лице и настроение мгновенно уходит в плюс!”

“I’m walking way above cloud 9, making my own sunshine” is the opening line of “A Perfect Day”, a feel-good happy song performed by London singer songwriter Anna Aarons.

Fusing lively cumbia with reggae beats and the most gorgeous ukulele sounds, Anna Aarons delivers a pick me up song that gently lifts everyone’s mood into a happier space and blows away the worries of the day to day. Her nonchalant vocal style appeals with her casual directness coupled with sensual melodic finesse. Gentle yet infectious reggae beats add a bounce to everyone’s step. The catchy singalong chorus perfectly expresses the universal mantra to happiness: “everything is A-OK, oh what a perfect day”.

Anna Aarons specialises in a brand of commercial yet authentic and soulful indie-pop. Her distinctive voice is partnered with dynamic bass, driving percussion and jazzy electric guitar on her last single ‘Words’ and previous offerings ‘Her’ and ‘Since You Went Away’, both of which celebrate female figures in Anna’s life. In her music, she has conveyed her sanguine ability, touching on dark themes such as grief in the lyrics and uplifting them with jazz-threaded kinetic production.

Inspired by Amy Winehouse, Anna has sold out multiple shows at Pizza Express Live performing her tribute to the late soul superstar. She began to develop a name for herself by busking on the London Underground, and her talent helped her reach the Quarterfinals of the Isle of Wight New Blood Competition. Now, she is delivering captivating new music that is indicative of her dazzling potential.