Davron Mananov – Soul Nexus (Spotify)

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“"Soul Nexus" is out to shake your personal dancefloor and nothing can stop this from happening! Melodic Techno track with well-built structure and big variety of waves that keep you there until the last second. "Davron Mananov" surely knows how to entertain his listeners.”


As an artist, Mananov is driven to create the kind of music that he loves, music that instills deep emotion in its listener. His songs are both spiritual and soulful, and the intent is to produce music that is both emotive and driving - the kind that would make a perfect accompaniment for a reflective late night drive. His SRNDR debut, 'Soul Nexus', is a prime example of his style. Featuring a dynamic arrangement that takes the listener through the highest of peaks and most contemplative of troughs, the track showcases Mananov's trance roots, with lush, ethereal pads, beautifully melodic keys and uplifting synth arpeggiators, all floating above a hard-hitting, driving rhythm section. In typically dichotomous fashion, 'Soul Nexus' is definitely a track that will induce both euphoria and melancholy.