Praying On Science – Denquar (Feat. The Scottish Session Orchestra) (Video)

“Rarely does a ballad exploring the meaning of life cause the hairs to stand up on the back of ones neck in the way that ‘Praying On Science’ does. The vocals are set against a live orchestral backing provided by the sumptuous Scottish Session Orchestra. Denquar’s stunning vocals lift the dynamics continuously from beginning to end & will leave you breathless. Absolutely beautiful.”

Praying On Science is a pop ballad written and performed by Denquar with string and piano arrangement by Steve Turner. The song explores one’s quest for the meaning of life whilst using the theme of science as a metaphor. Recorded at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow with the Scottish Session Orchestra.

Denquar (meaning “cucumber” in Thai) was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Thai Father and British Mother. Denquar’s performing career started at the age of 18 whilst playing the lead role in one of Hong Kong Disneyland’s hit shows. Her international career kickstarted soon after as a touring Jazz singer mainly for 5-star hotels and other theatre companies in the UK and Asia. Denquar’s musical genres in Pop, Soul, RnB, Jazz, Blues Deep House and EDM. With originally composed songs, her lyrics sit very closely with her listeners of all ages.