Eon MC Etc. – Legitimate Hustler (Spotify)

“Legitimate Hustler from Eon MC Etc. in his new album Westside, Bitch!, released under United Statements, is a melodious, balanced and varied song with thought-provoking lyrics and an expressive vocal perfomance. Chorus is very memorable. ”


This is a song about trying to come up but stay out if trouble


‘Eon MC Etc.’ was born and raised in Lawton, OK and began singing in the church choir at the tender age of 8. Shortly thereafter, Eon began to appreciate secular music in the form of hip-hop and became a student of the craft, writing and reciting his own lyrics. All throughout his life, he firmly believed he would pave a way for himself in the entertainment industry. Like his partner on the track ‘Lady Liberty,’ the young emcee fell in love with acting and pursued his stage career in NYC, where he eventually met his long time friend and partner in lyricism, Adduci...