Grayson Foster – Hold Me Tonight (Spotify)

“There's a value for the audience of contemporary music genre, which defaults to conquer every heart. Provided that you listen at least once, -Hold Me Tonight- hits right on target and not backing down to the last second.”

“Для современной музыкальной аудитории жанровый эксперимент является ценностью, которая по умолчанию завоёвывают сердца каждого, кто успел их прослушать хотя бы единожды. -Hold Me Tonight- бьёт точно в цель и не отступает до последней секунды.”

Recorded at Battle Tapes Studios with Grammy-winning engineer, Jeremy Furgeson (Cage the Elephant), and Co-Produced by Katie Toupin (Houndmouth), Grayson Foster’s “Hold Me Tonight” is the most unfiltered release of this young Nashville indie artist's career. The lyrics provide an outward expression of the internal struggle and vividly portray the difficulty of telling those you love you need to be alone. Filled with raw emotion and a sonic palette that builds from beginning to end, “Hold Me Tonight” is best served with a shot of whisky and solitude.