Jah Cure – You Cant See My Soul (Spotify)

“-You Can't See My Soul- came out very easy, soft and meditative, if you can express this as part of the Reggae scene. Awesome work, with unique pace and it seems that the composer has collected a thousand of sound elements into a special mix.”

“-You Cant See My Soul- вышел очень легким, мягким и медитативным, если можно так выразиться в рамках жанра Reggae. Потрясающая работа, которая выдерживает свойственный ей темп и словно конструктор собирается из тысячи звуковых элементов в уникальный механизм.”



Jah Cure is an International Reggae recording artist who has been Grammy nominated.


ah Cure is a Jamaican reggae singer who rose to fame in the late '90s only to have his meteoric climb to the top halted by a jail sentence in early 1999. During his eight years of incarceration, he maintained his innocence, claiming that he was wrongly accused; his position was largely supported by the Rasta and reggae communities, which held him up as a sort of folk hero. A number of compilations were released during his sentence and Cure even managed to record several popular albums in a prison recording studio which helped advance his career. Coinciding with his release from prison in 2007, he issued the album True Reflections...A New Beginning and began performing live to widespread acclaim. Cure continued to enjoy success over the next decade, reaching a new career peak with 2017's Grammy-nominated The Cure, marking the first two consecutive albums by the same artist that topped the Billboard Reggae charts...