Nick AG – Just Love (Spotify)

“Ride on the track of the track -Just Love- and lose yourself at least for a moment, in the rhythms of House music. After 5 minutes, think about it - is it necessary to return? Hands stretch to the play button, the heartbeat gets faster and the next wave takes you with it!”

“Прокатитесь на волне драйва трека -Just Love- и потеряйтесь хотя бы на мгновение в ритмах House музыки. Спустя 5 минут задумайтесь - а нужно ли возвращаться? Руки сами тянутся к кнопке воспроизведения, сердцебиение учащается и очередная волна забирает вас с собой!”

Senssual Records presents Nick AG : Debut release in the Ibiza based imprint by the talented Canadian artist, Nick AG. “Just Love” is the name of the single: perfect house music vibe, great groove, solid bass-line, cool piano riff and epic vocals. Amazing mix and arrangement by Nick AG. Perfect sound for your dj sets. A must on your playlists. Don’t miss it !

Born and raised in Sparta, Greece, Nick AG had always had a special feeling about music. After his music studies, he became interested in the art of DJing and started mixing in bars and later in clubs. His Dj sets are known for the energy they have and the memories they recall.
 Nick thinks that music is the tool to control your feelings. In his productions , he always tries to add that special thing that will give goosebumps to the listeners and make them feel music the way he feels it.