Noah – Rosa alba (Spotify)

“Excellent trip hop beat with beautiful accents. Her enchanting voice pulls us into the quiet story. Romantic fresh and full of smooth complexity, we dig it. ”

On her new EP Étoile out October 27th via FLAU, Noah continues takes things into denser territory, rich with atmosphere and a healthy dose of mysterious mode without sacrificing the unmistakable rhythms she's become known for. Following the first single "Moonchild", today Noah shares the EP opener "Rosa Alba", a track that sends a delicious mix of golden-age Ninja Tune and sliced up piano down the hatch.

The Hokkaido-born musician Noah has changed her constantly seen her sound evolving since the release of her 2015 album Sivutie. While she described it as "a sonic vision of a daydream scene,” 2019’s Thirty contained a mysterious, vapor-wave-like atmosphere that functioned as a gateway to Tokyo’s urban world. While also incorporating the delicious minimalism of 80's Hong Kong pop, Noah finally realized what she really wanted to express during the challenging first year of the pandemic.

Growing up in Hokkaido, an idyllic snowy place and Japan’s northernmost island. The environment, as it would, had a deep impact on Noah—and it’s her surroundings that inform her music to this day.

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