pepito – Heading Out (Spotify)

“-Heading Out- is for those who are usually alone. In cases when everything is subsided and fixed from monoliths of shadows. If you want to break the silence and peace of mind, this track will certainly be the favorite of your evening.”

“-Heading Out- для тех, кому душно в одиночестве, когда всё стихло и представляет собой неподвижные монолиты теней. Хочется нарушить тишину и спокойствие мироздания и этот трек непременно станет фаворитом вашего вечера.”

“Heading Out” is the focus track of the mixtape "LIQUID45". It’s a danceable house song infused with summer vibes, catchy leads and vocal track that is fun to sing along. There’s no beach club in the world that wouldn’t want to play a track like Heading Out. It’s the kind of song that’ll force you to move your feet and smile.

About the mixtape:

LIQUID45 is a productional masterpiece capturing the vibe of the finnish summer. Three tracks selected for this mixtape are meant to give a taste of Pepito’s sound. With over a year since the last release “Kiwi & Cookies”, LIQUID45 opens a series of new releases. We’ve scheduled the next mixtape to be released later in the autumn.

About pepito:

One of the most exciting new producer-artists, Pepito, released his first mixtape “LIQUID45” on June 18th. The finnish label & production company Booa Music’s founder & creative director has gained a lot of attention with the compositions and productions for Louie Blue. As a producer, he has worked with many of the most-streaming artists in Finland and has collaborated with producers like Hitimpulse.