‘Doors’ is part of the new EP ‘BlackShip’ by Leonardo Barilaro, international pianist, composer and aerospace engineer. In Doors piano and synth are played at the same time, with the presence of guitar and drums. The style of the composition can be defined as Contemporary Space Music. Doors is the opening track of the BlackShip concept, that is inspired by the history of Malta during the Great Siege and shifted to the Future, where the island becomes the symbol for planet Earth and the BlackShip travels through Space to other planets. This new aesthetics is a hybrid of different experiences of the composer, like collaborations with contemporary fusion dancers and visual artists. This results in a music bridge between past and future, dreaming with retro-futurism nuances while rooting in the cultural inheritance. The main influences can be related to artists like Ayreon, Infected Mushroom, Ulver and Liquid Tension Experiment. - www.nullodiesinenota.com