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Steven Poole – Song for Lisa | Neoclassical music review

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“Мелодия пиано заставляет сердце замирать, а душу погружаться в океан эмоций. Эта великолепная композиция является подлинным произведением искусства, выражающим трепетные чувства и нежность. Музыка наполняет пространство спокойствием, создавая идеальную атмосферу, чтобы прочувствовать всю красоту и тонкость исполнения -Steven Poole-.”

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“The melody of the piano makes the heart freeze, and plunge the soul into the ocean of emotions. This magnificent composition is a genuine work of art, expressing reverent feelings and tenderness. Music fills the space with calmness, creating an ideal atmosphere in order to feel all the beauty and subtlety of performance -steven pool-.”

“Η μελωδία του πιάνο κάνει την καρδιά να παγώσει και να βυθίσει την ψυχή στον ωκεανό των συναισθημάτων. Αυτή η υπέροχη σύνθεση είναι ένα γνήσιο έργο τέχνης, εκφράζοντας ευσεβείς συναισθήματα και τρυφερότητα. Η μουσική γεμίζει το χώρο με ηρεμία, δημιουργώντας μια ιδανική ατμόσφαιρα για να αισθανθεί όλη την ομορφιά και την λεπτότητα της απόδοσης -steven pool-.”

The original review of “Steven Poole – Song for Lisa” is written in the native language that is spoken by the dedicated, for this song, Nagamag’s Neoclassical reviewer and followed by two translations*, of which the one depends from the country of origin of the artist “Song for Lisa” (United Kingdom) and the other one is translated to a different language than original review and the country of origin of the artist.

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Nagamag unveils the mesmerizing composition “Steven Poole”, an extraordinary creation of harmony and creativity that “Song for Lisa” offered to all of us. A Neoclassical song, which evoked an emotional voyage to our curator that desired to write down a unique review for “Steven Poole – Song for Lisa”. What also sets this song among the featured choices of Nagamag is the way that “Steven Poole” is enriched with Instrumental, Piano characteristics. “Steven Poole – Song for Lisa” is a rich music creation that deserves to be listened to again and again. Nagamag is honored to share this detailed music review by one of our experienced reviewers for Neoclassical music compositions. As always, Nagamag keeps up evaluating Neoclassical songs from across the globe, ensuring that all Neoclassical enthusiasts around the world have access to these auditory treasures .

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Steven Poole was born in London, grew up studying classical piano and clarinet, and has composed music for theatre, TV documentaries, and short films. He also produces electronic music as Supreme Ultimate Fist , and plays lead guitar in Doctor Da Vinci and his Elephant.

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Learn everything about Neoclassical on Wikipedia

If you enjoyed “Steven Poole – Song for Lisa” but you have never listened before to any other Neoclassical song or you are interested in learning more about Neoclassical music gerne then click here to visit Neoclassical music page on Wikipedia.
Neoclassical music refers to a distinct style with common characteristics. Each genre carries its unique sound, instruments, and cultural influences. For a deeper understanding of Neoclassical music, Wikipedia provides comprehensive insights into its history, notable artists, and iconic works. Delve into the diverse and dynamic world of Neoclassical music through this valuable resource, broadening your knowledge around Neoclassical genre.

Blooy Interview on Nagamag

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Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Blooy's sound is its own unique flavor of chillout that’s fueled by dreamy electronics, lo-fi hip-hop beats, drama-filled instrumentation and melancholic soundscapes.

Few words about your musical background and career?

In the nineties I was inspired by the emerging trend of house music and started working together with producer and composer Dorian Broekhuyse, with whom I collaborated on several dance projects.
In the beginning of this millennium our musical style evolved to chillout music. Dorian and I launched our nu-classical project “Bardo State” in 2008, especially known from the internationally acclaimed song “Sospiro” (album “Mariposa”). Several Bardo State songs were licensed to well-known samplers such as Buddha-Bar and Supperclub. The track "Kosovo" was the soundtrack of the Hollywood film Jekyll and Hyde.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I'm the son of Jan Wijn, a famous Dutch concert pianist. Raised on musical influences such as Chopin, Ravel and Saint-Saëns, I became interested in experimental jazz throughout my teenage years and I started playing drums. In my late teens, I also started singing and playing keyboard in the new wave band The Primrose Path. The often dark and gloomy sound of new wave music has continued to inspire me throughout my musical career.

What exactly inspired you to start with Blooy?

I started working on my solo project “Blooy” during the Corona period. Inspired by the imperfection of lo-fi music, I combined chillout with jazz and classical influences, sometimes accompanied by spoken word. As the strongest form of art, I use Blooy’s music to express myself and always try to embellish my compositions with layers of heartfelt emotions.

What are your musical plans for the future?

During 2021 I will be releasing my first two Blooy EP's on the label Sine Music and I'm planning to release my first album by the beginning of 2022.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Thomas Newman "Revolutionary Road (End Title)"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Kupla "Roots"

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Kebu Interview on Nagamag

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Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

I haven't found a single genre that would describe my music style, so I normally say "melodic instrumental synthesizer music, similar to that made in the 70's and 80's".

Few words about your musical background and career?

Music was always only passionate hobby for me. I played some piano when I was a kid, but wasn't motivated to practice enough. It was first when I picked up the synthesizer in high school that I found my instrument. Since that, I played as a keyboardist in numerous hobby bands, and had small a bedroom studio as well. I worked as a project manager at a research center in Finland and have a PhD in energy engineering and environmental protection. So I always ended up being the project manager in the bands I played with as well. I started doing Youtube videos of me performing with various synths as synthesizer demonstration videos, but I used my own compositions. I quickly got a following and stopped playing in bands, as it was much more fun to do my own music and videos alone. Soon I had my first album out, and after my second album I quit my daytime job and started doing my music as a full-time job. Since then, I've given over a hundred concerts around Europe and right now I'm finalizing my third studio album "Urban Dreams", which will be out this autumn.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I was always amazed by the synthesizer music I grew up with in the eighties. The sounds were so otherworldly and bigger than life, but the music itself was also interesting. And at that time, it was something new, and optimistic - the future seemed full of amazing opportunities.

On your concerts, you perform with a very large synthesizer setup. How do you manage it? Do you rent part of your gear and how do you manage to perform at festivals?

My synthesizer setup is a very integral part of my performance. We have a big van full of equipment that we set up for each concerts, and it takes us 4 hours to set everything up. People always think I look so happy and enthusiastic on stage, but that comes partly from the joy when all the equipment is working as it should! But it does impose some restrictions. For instance, we have to travel by road and sea, and performing at festivals is really difficult, since I need so much time to set everything up. I have considered a smaller, flight-friendly keyboard rig, but so far I haven't gotten around to make one, because it would take a lot of time for me to prepare a new rig. My current set has slowly evolved during a time span of ten years, and there's a lot of mixing automation going on, since I don't use backing tracks - the music you hear on stage is generated by the synths. Also, I wouldn't feel comfortable relying on rented synths. It would take too long time to transfer all my setting to the synths and ensure that everything is working as it should, so I prefer using my own synths. But there are many countries where I haven't been able to perform do these restrictions, so I will probably have to make a flight-friendly rig eventually.

What can we expect from your upcoming album, "Urban Dreams"?

My upcoming album is about dreams - both day dreams and night-time dreams. So the songs tend to be on the slower side and I've many of them have a dreamy quality about them. For this album I generated about a hundred ideas - from single riffs to almost complete songs - and chose the ones that suited the theme of the album. But I might have generated a bit too many ideas for the album, because I really struggled with turning them into full songs. And while I was working on them I came up with sections that turned into new songs. And all of a sudden I realized I had 75 minutes of music, divided into 20 tracks. I thought about splitting it up into two albums, but I felt that these songs were related and belonged on the same album.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Peter Gabriel "In Your Eyes"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Madis Carrying the Fire

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Mark Vickness – Grey Skye (Spotify)

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“-Mark Vickness- with his song -Grek Skye- , the #2 installment on his new album -Interconnected, offer us a beautiful acoustic guitar experience with sound clarity which tickles listener ear and bring him in a calm mood. ”

A totally unique artistic vision, Mark Vickness Interconnected approach musical creation as a solemn opportunity to express the interconnectedness of humanity, and of all things, through the universal language of music.

Three years after releasing his debut solo CD, Places, composer/guitarist, Mark Vickness releases Interconnected featuring four new solo modern fingerstyle compositions and four original pieces with his new ensemble, also called Interconnected. In addition to Mark on acoustic guitars, the ensemble brings together two time Grammy winning violinist, Mads Tolling, cellist Joseph Hebert, Dan Feiszli on upright and electric bass and tabla virtuoso, Ty Burhoe.

Together these musicians express a fiery, original vision of Instrumental Acoustic Fusion music. About the unique musical approach, Mark says "The ensemble is a perfect vehicle for connecting different styles, eras and cultures."

The material on Interconnected was born of deep reflection on the inner workings of life; childhood traumas, modern struggle, simple joys, profound sadness, lived wisdom and the joy of awareness. Interconnected is #outnow

Quote From the Artist:

"The music on this recording is intended to convey interconnectedness, the reality that we live in an interconnected, interdependent world, that we are all one human race. Instrumental music is an ideal means of expressing this because it is a universal language. This ensemble is comprised of musicians who are capable of a wide range of styles from different cultures and different eras. I worked hard to write this music with interconnectedness in mind, within each piece individually and in the relationships between the pieces themselves. Some of the pieces on Interconnected come from a deeply personal place. For Every Child was written for every person who has either experienced or known someone who has gone through the trauma of losing their innocence to childhood sexual abuse as I did before age ten. One Day Over A Thousand is dedicated to all those who lost their lives to Covid-19, and to my dear friend Holli Ross, who died while this piece was being written."

Mark Vickness began his musical training on piano at age six. The road from there to the composer/modern fingerstyle guitarist he is today included a bachelor's and master's degree in composition, studies in classical piano, guitar, sitar and tabla, years as a performing jazz guitarist, composer and arranger, several film scores and three decades of recording and performing as the instrumental half of the acoustic fusion duo, Glass House which has released three CD's, two EPs and a host of widely viewed YouTube videos. Mark's performing experience spans a huge range of genres from free improv to West African drum and dance ensembles, from Motown and funk bands to big band jazz and orchestral conducting. Schooled in composition by Pulitzer Prize winning composer, Mel Powell, Mark has recorded and performed with world renowned musicians including two time Grammy winners, The Turtle Island String Quartet, legendary bassist, Michael Manring, and guitarists Alex DiGrassi and Don Ross.

Will Brahm – Madrid (Video)

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“Nowadays it is quiet easy for anyone to listen ethnic music with just a tap on a button but when you hear on Madrid you will not just hear Peruvian sounds and rhythms but a more personal interpretation on such melodies with an acoustic ensemble”

Will Brahm said about this song “This composition of mine channels the sounds and rhythms from Peru, bringing the spirit of a Peruvian Festejo along with my own harmony, melody, and interplay with the acoustic ensemble.”

Few words about Will Brahm:
Will Brahm is a Los Angeles based guitarist and composer, and a 2019 Herbie Hancock International Guitar competition semi finalist. He received his bachelors of music in Jazz Guitar Studies at California Sate University Long Beach, where he was a five time consecutive recipient of the “K-jazz” scholarship.

Will has performed, recorded, and worked with artists such as Arturo Sandoval, the New West Guitar Group, Gordon Goodwin’s “Big Phat Band,” Kim Richmond, Otmaro Ruiz, Sara Gazarek, Jane Monheit, and Gretchen Parlato.

Will has toured with The New West Guitar Group across the United States and to Malasia and the Philippines, and toured with his own original music across the United States and to Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, and Turkey. Recent albums of his include the 2017 release of his world original music ensemble “Homenaje,” the 2018 release of his duet album “Will Brahm & Lia Booth,” and the 2019 release of his most recent album under his own name, “Venture Atlas.”

Will draws from a number of musical backgrounds from all over the world, giving his original compositions the combination of singing melodies, rich dense harmonic variations, and diverse exciting rhythmic motion. His 2019 album release “Venture Atlas” contains all original compositions of his, and he is joined by Chris Wabich on drum set and percussion, Diego Alvarez on percussion, Ahmet Türkmenoğlu on bass, and Katisse Buckingham on flute.

Will’s new album “Venture Atlas” is out now!

Parham Gharavaisi – Coalescence [OFFICIAL AUDIO] (Video)

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“Coalescence by Parham Gharavaisi on Reav3R invites you to its hypnotic ritual yet atmospheric ambient guitar layerings. Giving a deep twist of nostalgia and a sense of dark sorrow.”

Coalescence is an instrumental piece composed in Celtic tuning with a strong focus on atmosphere and melody. Originally meant to be played on the classical guitar, the arrangement was later adapted to incorporate electronic sounds.

Parham Gharavaisi started as a solo instrumental project with the release of its debut album titled Identity Cipher, the style then promptly transitioned into metal with the release of the second and third albums titled Replicas/Hollow and Resurrection respectively.

Taylor Crawford – Talismans (Bandcamp)

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Original instrumental compositions featuring bass, drums, frello, guitar, guzheng, jawari, keys, percussion, saxophone, singing bowls, tank drum, trumpet and voice.
The Frello is a homemade instrument, it is a fretted cello with spring reverb.
The Jawari is a homemade small zither with a sitar type bridge.

Kirsten Agresta Copely, Roxane Genot – Worlds Apart (Spotify)

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Worlds Apart brings an American harpist and French cellist together through an introspective, collaborative musical journey. It contemplates the vast universe as a source of inspiration during pandemic isolation in a neoclassical style. Lush and dream harmonies hug the listener like a warm blanket.

Concetta Abbate, Leanne Friedman, Vasko Dukovski – Bit of Rain (Spotify)

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Bit of Rain” blends Concetta’s uniquely deft layering of plucked strings, soft yet powerful voices, and shifting moods that are good sightlines into her mix of outsider folk w/ new classical touches."

Concetta Abbate As a performer she regularly plays violin and sings with a variety of ensembles in the New York area. Concetta is most known for her collaborative work with poet Cornelius Eady (Kattywompus Press), musical instrument builder Skip La Plante, photographer Vera Comploj and Latin music band Inti and the Moon (Intiluna Records).

Lumiere – Doppler (Video)

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Wonderful track Doppler which combines a rhythmic drumming and patterned pianom a Hauschka-esque is part of his forthcoming album “Phases” on 18 Sep. Sound design with clarity and beautiful emotional concept to daydream.

Phases is the second solo album of Lumiere, aka Greek musician Thanos Christodoulou. It is an invitation to an atmospheric trip of the heart and the mind towards dream-made images and memories of the future. Using the piano as the core instrument and combining post-classical elements with electronic structures, minimalism, and modern jazz, Lumiere’s aim was to create moving cinematic music that grips the listener and becomes the exciting soundtrack of modern daydreamers.

It’s fitting then that the name “Lumiere” is a reference to the french city of Lyon, the hometown of the Louis Lumiere and his brother, who are widely credited with inventing the art of cinematography and the first motion picture camera. Thanos spent a couple of years studying Physics in Lyon, where he also began composing his first solo pieces.

Phases is set for a September 18th release, with the propulsive, Hauschka-esque first single “Doppler” leading thew way with a video directed by Theo Tagholm, a London-based artist who created the video “playing” with real images of the world and “breaking” the observer’s experience into slices of space and time, redefining every moment (and the sense of time) as a repetitive wave.

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