Lumiere – Doppler (Video)

Wonderful track Doppler which combines a rhythmic drumming and patterned pianom a Hauschka-esque is part of his forthcoming album “Phases” on 18 Sep. Sound design with clarity and beautiful emotional concept to daydream.

Phases is the second solo album of Lumiere, aka Greek musician Thanos Christodoulou. It is an invitation to an atmospheric trip of the heart and the mind towards dream-made images and memories of the future. Using the piano as the core instrument and combining post-classical elements with electronic structures, minimalism, and modern jazz, Lumiere’s aim was to create moving cinematic music that grips the listener and becomes the exciting soundtrack of modern daydreamers.

It’s fitting then that the name “Lumiere” is a reference to the french city of Lyon, the hometown of the Louis Lumiere and his brother, who are widely credited with inventing the art of cinematography and the first motion picture camera. Thanos spent a couple of years studying Physics in Lyon, where he also began composing his first solo pieces.

Phases is set for a September 18th release, with the propulsive, Hauschka-esque first single “Doppler” leading thew way with a video directed by Theo Tagholm, a London-based artist who created the video “playing” with real images of the world and “breaking” the observer’s experience into slices of space and time, redefining every moment (and the sense of time) as a repetitive wave.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 30, 2020