Alias Molombo – The Life We Live (Spotify)

“Your new Hip-Hop elixir affected from the old-school sound spirit, is ready to satisfy your ears. Groovy loops made from rich percussion samples, keep the rhythm flowing fast and on top some rocking vocals. 100% Original style!”

The voice and flow of New York rapper Rockness Monsta, known from his time as Sean P's (RIP) partner in the legendary hip-hop duo HELTAH SKELTAH, are unmistakable. He continues to rank among the best MCs in the business.

The beat was tailored for him by German producer Alias ​​Molombo.

Alias Molombo, A-F-R-O – All About… (Spotify)

“This is an incredibly attractive hip-hop hit. Live rhythm and mix that drags new listeners and draws its slowness. All of the above give rise to a large, deep picture. All components embody that ultimate atmosphere of "All About...".”

“Это невероятно притягательный хип-хоп. Живая ритмика и читка увлекает за собой неравнодушных слушателей и притягивает своей неспешностью. Всё вышеперечисленное рождает крупную и глубокую картину. Все составляющие воплощают в себе то, что в итоге дарит эта работа - атмосферу.”

US-Heavyweight-Rap-Champion A-F-R-O teams up with producer Alias Molombo from Germany for this collabo "All About..."

A-F-R-O, known for his work with R.A. Rugged Man, Jedi Mind Tricks etc. delivers top notch lyrics to a sample based classic Rap-Beat, that bumps your head.

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