Blue Crystal Star – She Will Linger When You Sleep (Spotify)

“What we usually dream, when we fall asleep? What worlds are drawn to rising images? The project -Blue Crystal Star- have the answers hidden in their single -She Will Linger When You Sleep-. Hot ambient patterns enriched with field recordings and piano echo.”

“Что снится нам, когда мы засыпаем? Какие миры рисуются в парящих образах? У проекта -Blue Crystal Star- есть ответы в их сингле -She Will Linger When You Sleep-. Горячие источники эмбиента, полевые записи и эхо пиано.”

Contemporary, droning ambient soundscape with some nice field recordings.

Blue Crystal Star, a retro electronic ambient project from a self -taught musician, vocalist, and producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. This project is inspired by the underground music of the 80's and 90's from record labels like 4AD and Projekt, and influenced by retro electronic composers like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, and John Carpenter.

This project is also about forgotten retro hardware synths salvaged from local garage sales and keeping things simple with some tracks even featuring field recordings. However, No DAW or VSTi is used and just basic post production.