Boogie Hill Faders – Be Happy (Spotify)

“Comprehensive work with sound that interacts with the listener. The vocals in -Be Happy- along with its construction and transitions, form a combination of Electro Pop and Nu-Disco. It draws a bright and very positive picture to which you want to return again and again.”

“Комплексная работа со звуком в целом, которая производит взаимодействие инструментов друг с другом. Вокал в -Be Happy-, построение композиции, переходов, сочетание Electro Pop и Nu-disco и многих других элементов, рисует яркую и очень позитивную картину, к которой хочется возвращаться вновь и вновь. ”

Following the success of “In A Minute” with Disco Fries & Big Nab, and “The Spot”, the new Boogie Hill Faders single “Be Happy” is the 3rd release from the upcoming debut studio album “The Formula” from Liftoff Recordings.

A crossover feel good dance track with that trademark Boogie Hill Faders bounce & groove. Deep basslines, flipped sample magic, and polished studio production.

Absolutely dripping with positive Summer vibes; put your shades on, crank up “Be Happy” and head to the beach.

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