Wandering Minstrel, Cellomano – Never-ending (Spotify)

“Another classic gem made from the hearts of "Wandering Minstrel" and "Cellomano". The track title brings in our mind everything that is forever, with no end, no boundaries... This concept aplies to the divine or the continuous journey towards it.”


This song was recorded in Bali on a trip back in 2015. Local balinese artist Cellomano features on this song to add beautiful textural layers. This song reflects the souls never-ending journey through the time-space continuum.


Wandering Minstrel is an Australian multi-instrumentalist, poet, sound healer and composer. Found often in community and collaboration, they infuse their sound with piano, poetry and folk tones. Wandering Minstrel is an intuitive and sensitive musician who is constantly pushing the boundaries of melody, emotions and harmony. They are currently engaged in creative pursuits across multiple platforms including classical, folk, electronic, sound healing and fusion projects. 2021 will see Minstrel release three new singles as a short-film trilogy and they will head back into the studio to record a follow-up EP to ‘the anatomy of a wing’.