GaryOAKland, Chill Select – Russian Blues (Spotify)

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“Look around, take another step and stop. Done? Now play the track -Russian Blues- and just enjoy it, coming to all of us on the heels of the summer season.”

“Просмотрите вокруг, сделайте ещё один шаг и остановитесь. Сделали? А теперь включите трек -Russian Blues- и просто наслаждайтесь наступающим всем нам на пятки летним сезоном.”

Chilled out, jazzy piano and guitar riffs play on top of ethereal atmospheres and washed out vocal chops. Super laid back vibes, good for relaxing & studying.

GaryOAKland is a San Francisco Bay Area music producer, beat maker, and competitive Super Smash Bros. player. Starting in jazz piano, his style has evolved across genres into Lofi beats, Future Funk, and Soulful R&B featuring singer Lee Brave. Follow GaryOAKland on Spotify or on Instagram @gary_oakland