Clifford – Love is Real (Spotify)

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“This song is very emotional due to its sensual vocals, beautiful instrumental touch and Indie Folk atmosphere. All these sound soft, fragile and well smoothing. Is there love? Definitely yes! Listen and enjoy!”

“Песня очень эмоциональная благодаря чувственному вокалу, красивой инструментальной составляющей и атмосфере Indie Folk. Всё это звучит мягко и красиво, хорошо сглаживая и дополняя друг друга. Существует ли любовь? Да. Однозначно! Слушайте и наслаждайтесь!”

What motivated you to write this song?

I wanted to write an acoustic song. One that would be intimate and personal. Which of course brought me to the topic of love.

How is this song personal?

The lyrics describe my biggest hopes in a relationship.

Why did you write this song?

I wanted to express my frustrations about the difficulties of dating during a pandemic. But I also wanted to write a song that was a bit ambiguous so that anyone in a relationship would relate to the song as well.

How is it ambiguous?

The line “I need to help myself to find you”…which could be taken literally or metaphorically.

Favorite lines in the song:

“I just want to grow old with you

and tell you every day,

I love you…”

Any particular anecdotes while making this song?

I unexpectedly found myself tearing up during my favorite lines, which are the actual takes I used for the song.

What did you learn from making this song?

It’s really tough to sing softly, on key and with emotion.

What instruments did you use in this song?

Acoustic guitar, Dunun, a Bell, String Orchestra, and Vocals.

With all the love songs out there, what do you think makes “Love is Real” stand out?

Reality vs Dreaming: There are double meanings throughout the song about someone’s want for love vs the truth about love. The want for love is about the self while the truth for love is about reality.

A loving relationship is a two way street in that you can’t have a strong relationship with someone without having a strong relationship with yourself.

In a love relationship both play an important part because reality is now and dreaming is the future.