Creature Comfort – Light Boy (New Hue) (Spotify)

“A finely balanced, perfectly produced blending of a finger picked acoustic guitar and male/female vocals give a refreshing, clear & vibrant warm to the beginning of the track. The additional drums, bass, keys & distorted electric guitar are skilfully stacked over-time lift the track to even greater heights & include a tremolo gated effect that adds even more interest to an already absorbing song.”

"'Light Boy' was a song off of our EP Echoes & Relics which came out in 2016. Around that time, one of my friends and roommates Alex Robinson had a little studio setup at our house. One day I go over to him as he's working and he goes, "Listen to this." He was recording his own version of 'Light Boy.' The chord progression was different, the melody was the same but it was really refreshing to hear in a folk styling that I don't traditionally write in. Flash forward three years and he's now a member of our band. I really liked the version of this track that he created with the folk sensibility that he brought, so we decided to bring the entire band to the studio and added in some slide and drums and bass. My favorite little nugget of trivia about it is at the end of the song, you can hear a sound recording from Al's grandparents' cabin in the middle of nowhere North Carolina, where we were just recording nature, and you can hear a bird gently chirping in the background."

"The song is about feeling chemistry with someone and really thinking a relationship is going to develop when the reality of the situation is that a romantic connection isn't there. It's a song describing the emotions I felt at the time, and when I was let down, I wanted that person to remember me and what we could have been.