Donna Senders, Humbi – safe (Spotify)

“Summer, tangible evening, green tea brewed in a copper bowler in the forest and favourite delicacy on her knees. Through the open doors of creation, the Neo-Soul melody of -Safe- is composed. By closing our eyes, we feel the smell of trees around... with their rustling foliage fading away in order to return again.”

“Летний, осязаемый вечер, зелёный чай заваренный в медном котелке в лесу и любимое лакомство на коленках. Через открытые двери машины сочится мелодия neo-soul, которой наполнена композиция -safe-. Закрыв глаза мы чувствуем запах деревьев вокруг, шелест листвы и мысленно исчезаем вдали, чтобы вновь вернуться.”

"safe" is made for everybody who knows or wants to know the feeling of being safe in a relationship with your loved one. This can relate to personal battles to get you there, accepting your sexuality, or whatever comes to your mind. A vulnerable yet bubbly song for all the lovers.