Godwin – LOWA (Spotify)

“Excellent, smooth sound, cheerfully listened and in one breath. The distinguishing feature of the track -Lowa- is its breathtaking energy and a powerful positive promise to the audience! Real triumph in the genres of Dancehall and Afrobeats!”

“Отличное, ровное звучание, слушается бодро и на одном дыхании. Отличительная черта трека -LOWA- это его умопомрачительная энергетика и мощный позитивный посыл в массы! Настоящий триумф в жанрах dancehall и afrobeats!”


Godwin is a specialist in R&B infused with Pop and ensures that his music is more exquisite, brimming with nutritious flavors and abundant in textures.Taking up a multi-linear role in the music industry, Godwin wins the hearts of his audiences as a singer, songwriter, producer, and the owner of his own record label, AMIL Productions.

Born to Nigerian parents in his hometown of Atlanta, Godwin began experimenting with instruments and his vocals therapeutically. Music helped him overcome his personal conflicts and struggles, allowing him to triumph over the challenges that held him down. Today, music courses through his veins and allows him to speak to the world.