Beats In The Bank, Jack Gillen – Monday Jam (Spotify)

“In the distance, illuminated by the icy glow of city lights, plays -Monday Jam-. Like a painting illuminated fields, sound source of inspiration for the lonely souls. Lonely and thrilling voice, warm waves of the charm of Jazz and Chill-hop music.”

“Вдали, освещаемая ледяным светом городских фонарей, играет -Monday Jam-. Словно картина освещаемых полей, звучит источник вдохновения для одиноких душ. Одинокий и волнующий голос, тёплые волны Jazz и очарование Chill-hop музыки.”

Monday Jam is a chill hip-hop instrumental with soulful chords, punchy drums and a smooth jazzy guitar jamming on top, played by guitarist Jack Gillen. Inspired by golden age hip-hop and the late Ronny Jordan, this jazzhop/chillhop beat is perfect for a comfortable start of the day with the morning coffee, for unwinding in the evening, or as background music for study sessions.