Lucy Clue – In Your Eyes (Spotify)

“Lucy Clue embraces her easy flowing groove on this one. A midtempo vocally rich track that connects to it’s catchy beat. ”

This song could be a summer hit! It is spreading love vibes, good mood and the melody is very catchy!

Lucy Clue is a musician with Italian and German roots, living her dreams and handling them on her own. As independent as she is, as strong is her music. It’s a mixture between different genres like Hip Hop, Pop and 80’s vibes. She’s a technique-obsessed songwriter, singer and rapper, who started rhyming when she was 11 years old. At 14, her classmates were singing her songs during break. Starting that early, she became an expert in the use of words, metaphors and rhymes. She would never need a ghostwriter, a ghostwriter rather would need her.

Standing up for females, children, independence, honesty and self-esteem, she‘s never afraid to speak her truth at all.

Her songs will pick you up, take you away and guide you through a journey of self-love, strong mindset, heartbreak, failure, lessons to learn and the naked truth. Are u ready? Are you ready to take the ride and find out more about the outstanding Italian artist from Germany? Then what are u waiting for? Start listening today!