Marlon McClain – Funkin Cause We Wanna (Spotify)

“Very professionally played and executed song. Distinct vocals with joyful touch, that can efficiently attract you. -Retro Soul- in its true manifestation. In the instrumental part the sound is clear, rich and bright.”

“Сыграно и исполнено очень профессионально, вокалисты со своей партией справляются, поют живо и качественно. -Retro Soul- в своём истинном проявлении. В инструментальной составляющей есть тембровая окраска, звучит всё насыщенно и ярко.”

"Funkin Cause We Wanna" is the brand new release from acclaimed songwriter/ producer/ guitarist Marlon McClain. Following on the heels of his last single the successful ( #1 last week on R&B and Soul Urban Influencer chart ) "Aint No Stoppin Now" feat; BD3.

"Funkin Cause We Wanna' co-written and produced by longtime collaborator Ralph Stacy features Marlon on lead vocals on a funky, gritty and at the same time summery fun groove.

The vocals and groove are reminiscent of the great funk bands of the 70's yet brings a contemporary feel that is true to classic funk.

As the world starts to open up after over a year of shut down, 'Funkin Cause We Wanna" has a vibe of celebration and is a potential summer anthem.