Nother, Moon Leap – Lines (Spotify)

“There is a music that remains forever in our hearts. Really worth hearing the captivating voice of vocalist. Organic sound, every sound in its place and fit into the overall sound design by adding depths and melodic eloquence.”

“Есть музыка, которая навсегда остаётся в наших сердцах. -Lines- оживает, стоит лишь услышать пленительный голос вокалистки. Органичный звук, каждый инструмент на своих местах и вписываются в общую звуковую картину, добавляя ей глубины и мелодичной эпичности. ”

“Lines” is the second single from the upcoming album “Future is Bright”.

A lo-fi arpeggio and deep beat guide Moon Leap’s voice through a texture of bright synths that float around your head, as the colors of the Northern Lights soar across the sky of your emotion, till the exploding end.

The calmness of her voice is a whisper that travels through the layers of the song and the relentless drums.

“Lines” is one of the most challenging songs I’ve written, trying to find the perfect balance between my own emotions and rhythm.

It describes the connection with someone who saved you from apathy, and Moon Leap helped me a lot during the writing process of the lyrics.

Her voice is capable of striking the outer reaches of your soul, and she was perfect for a song where the movement of the beats grows constantly.